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Last week, the MusoMagic team joined forces with Elcho Island’s Galiwin’ku community, Shepherdson College, and Catholicare’sNo More” Campaign to take a stand against domestic violence.

Domestic violence affects many Australians, but none more-so than those in isolated, remote island communities. In places like Elcho Island off the northern coast of East Arnhem in the Northern Territory, victims of this kind of abuse have literally nowhere to run. No alternative housing is available, and the closest assistance is a long way away.

The “No More” Campaign is an initiative by Catholicare and ABC Darwin’s Charlie King to bring a stop to domestic violence by starting important conversations in the community, and bringing the issue out of the shadows through sporting clubs and community organisations.

MusoMagic’s team of Ashlee Clapp (Facilitator), Yorke Heath (Audio Tech) and Chris Blain (Video Tech) visited the island last week, and worked intensively with the students at Shepherdson College to strengthen this message, and support the excellent community efforts being made. By exploring positive alternatives to violence, and exploring existing and potential support networks, we managed to deliver a song and music video clip that we’re very proud to present to the world.

Written and recorded by the amazing students at Shepherdson College, produced by John Servedio and the Goat-Man (Glenn Bidmead), and performed by hundreds as they marched the streets of Galiwin’ku, here is “No More”.

Wednesday’s march received impressive media coverage, landing on the front page of “The Age” on Thursday, as well as articles in the Sydney Morning Herald.