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After a terrific week on Elcho Island working with the people of the Galiwin’ku community, MusoMagic ventured onto Maningrida in East Arnhem. Maningrida means “where the dreaming changed shape” and references the many tribes who have come from all surrounding lands over many decades.

Maningrida is an incredibly diverse community, with around fifteen or so different indigenous languages, and many different tribal groups. As a result, our program was focussed on “getting along” – celebrating living together in peaceful tolerance of each others’ beliefs, cultures and traditions. It was such a special message to be part of, and something MusoMagic is immensely proud of. We managed to work many of the local languages into the song as well – see if you can catch them all!

While we were in Maningrida, the Lurra festival was on. Many bands and artists from all over Australia came and performed in Maningrida, and it was great to see that so many artists collaborated, sometimes spontaneously. The young men performed a ceremonial dance on the beach for the MusoMagic team which they had been practicing for Lurra festival. They allowed us to film it and have it as part of their music video, which is a special treat for everyone!

We had such a fun time in Maningrida making sandcastles and avoiding crocs (Yaka Baru!) Learning the different phrases in all the languages was culturally insightful and a highlight! Check out the amazing work of the Maningrida community with MusoMagic in “We All Belong”.