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What a beautiful little community! Small in size, big in heart! Some of the teachers we met here have been in Laramba for 20 years, and you can tell why – everyone is so warm and welcoming!

Laramba’s school believes in positive reinforcement – the carrot not the stick if you will! With support from community partners, the teachers issue ‘Laram-bar tokens’ to students for good behaviour, hard work and/or positive attitudes. (they look like gold bars) At the end of each week students can buy prizes at the school shop that has great footy merchandise and hair accessories (amongst other things)! It’s safe to say that the MusoMagic team gave out close to a hundred Laram-bars in the week (we hope the school shop doesn’t go bankrupt.)

Our theme for the workshop this week was ‘Working Together’. We brainstormed various ways we work together in school and out in community. We discussed hunting, sports, cooking, cleaning and school assignments such as science experiments.

We created a character called ‘Confidence Wow!’ To remind us that when we’re confident, we don’t have to feel shamed to make that first step to work with others. The students all took turns in the ‘Confidence Wow!’ Costume to give everyone that extra boost of self esteem!

We had a great time filming with the costumes at school, at the creek, and over near Laramba’s big hill.

We’ve never felt so much love from a community with extra big goodbye hugs from everyone! Staff and students! We’re gonna miss you Laramba – until next time!