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What… A… Drive! Departing early Sunday morning from Alice Springs, Ashlee, John and Yorke made the long trip along the Sandover Hwy from Alice Springs to Alpurrurulum – right on the QLD border, and close to Mt Isa than anywhere else. On any other country’s map, this would seem a tiny drive. For Australia, that’s a good 640km through dusty sandy dirt roads.

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-3-38-36-pmIt feels like travelling through a dozen different landscapes along the way. It took around 8 hours to get there from Alice Springs, so I guess you’d expect that.

The workshop was all about resilience this week –  being able to bounce back from difficult situations, being able to walk away when there’s nothing to gain, and having thick skin when unpleasantries are unavoidable. The students contributed their experiences and thoughts on the matter, and built an amazingly powerful song out of them.

When not recording, planning or running the workshops, the whole MusoMagic team played footy and marbles with the school students and their brothers and sisters after school at the huge footy oval. As well as being ridiculously fun, it was a great way to build relationships with these amazing children, and identify the talent and leadership amongst the group.

On day one of the program, MusoMagic hosted a big costume dance party in the library. The whole class already knew a fully choreographed dance routine and delighted the MusoMagic crew with their skills! Lots of fun was had when performing and recording the song and dance, knee-deep in the lake, and it looked deadly on camera!

One of the highlights of the trip was painting a musical mural on an old car bonnet, and setting up a time-lapse for the music video. Check it out here: