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MusoMagic returns again to Golden Square Primary School in Bendigo!!

This was the first time Leesa and Yorke had visited GSPS, but one of many in the history of their relationship with MusoMagic. The team arrived Wednesday afternoon to set up, and to brief the newly-appointed mentors who would be helping out over the next few days! They utilised the gym as their hub.

The students were very curious to see what this was all about. The first day was full of energy as the year 6 graduate class were quite clearly keen to get stuck into the creation of their graduation song. Full to brim with excitement, there were introductions to get out of the way before moving into the first exercises. The MusoMagic process had the students exploring their theme of transition and celebration of their six completed years of primary school.

After writing the lyrics and melody to their song, the participants then got stuck into the audio side of things, and recorded all of our eager soloists. An extremely admirable effort was made by everyone as they recorded their voices. Singing from your heart can be a scary experience at first, but all the Golden Square kids made it look incredibly easy and natural!

The first day went so fast and by the end, as a team, GSPS and MusoMagic had collaborated to write and record a song, learn a dance and begin the filming process. The second day was full of colour and performance. The kids spent most of the day filming and doing art designs. They were challenged to present their art in innovative and unique ways, which resulted in an auction, a catwalk, and a dance off!

By 2.30pm, eager and excited parents and teachers had gathered in the gym to watch the completed video clip. As expected, the students, teachers and parents alike all loved the song, dance and video they had created. There was a lot of pride (and just a little shock) at how much the GSPS kids had achieved in just two days,

Thank you Golden Square!