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Areyonga, what a gift!

The vast ranges and mountains that surround and constitute Areyonga are truly a sight to behold, greeted by wild brumbies and ghost white donkeys as MusoMagic made our way into this little community as if they were the spirits and or protectors of this ancient valley.

Teaming up with Red Dust was fantastic, it’s always good to collaborate with others in an environment where you are trying to promote ideas such as healthy living. On the second day the kids decided to show us to their secret watering hole named “Munta Munta” only about 10 minutes walk from the community. We laughed and swam and watched the boys showing off, doing their backflips and catching yabbies.

After a laborious day of filming for our film clip “super nutrition” – based around the concepts of healthy eating information, we managed to conquer “helicopter hill” (which turned out to be harder than I expected but well worth the effort), which shares a spectacular view over the valley.

More about the amazing work “Red Dust Role Models” does here.

Check out the amazing song and video made by the Areyonga kids here: