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Up top end of the NT, next to the Roper river lies the beautiful community of Jilkminggan.
It has just come to the end of wet season so everything is beautiful and green. Jilkminggan is the first community in a long time that we’ve come across with a green, grassy footy oval! Which, we utilised to it’s full with local footy legend and assistant teacher Aaron, taking us through Footy drills and a few soft ball games with the High School and Primary School mob.
The rivers are flowing fast and the creeks are nice and high and it’s hot, hot, hot and humid! Everyday after school all the kids head down to the local creek, where the water was almost too warm to swim in but we still had lots of fun!
At school we wrote a deadly song about facing up to our problems and talking them through before they get us down and we feel trapped. Youth suicide is a real and prevalent issue in many Indigenous communities all over Australia and it’s so important to discuss self help. Jilkminggan has recently dealt with many tragedies of this sort and this resilient community are doing all they can to prevent future tragedies. To quote the lyrics in our song; “talking is a better way… when we talk, the problem goes away.”
We filmed at some really gorgeous spots around the community and the video looks amazing! Really proud of you Jilk!!
Jundab na yu problem!  (Standing up to your problems!)