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When John and Ash were told they were doing MusoMagic workshops in Katherine, they had no idea what this little town had to offer! Forget Kings Canyon! Forget Kakadu…
Katherine is nature’s eye candy!!! I think I just wrote a Katherine tourism song with all that alliteration. The Katherine Gorge and Edith Falls (both in the Nitmiluk National Park) had waterfalls, swimming holes and incredible cliff faces. We barely had enough hard drives to fit all the footage on it!
Quite rightfully, the kids at Clyde Fenton School (CFS) were so proud of their town and all it’s wonders. At CFS we dreamt of being stars of the future! We explored the gateway to achieving our dreams – by coming to school everyday. Knowledge is power, and education is the path to that knowledge.
The MusoMagic workshops were definitely an incentive to come to school that week, as we’ve never felt so much love from our students! They just LOVED singing, dancing and acting in the music video. There was no ‘take 2’ for filming the CFS mob, they exuded energy and spirit at all times!
A highlight for everyone at school, teachers and students alike, was creating a giant “CFS” on the oval with the whole school and capturing it on the drone!
Check out the vid to see that amazing shot as well as the other beautiful locations and of course those excited faces!


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