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The school emblem at Timber Creek school is the sea eagle, hence, when MusoMagic strolled into the beautiful NT community late March, we wrote a song about the brave, determined nature of a sea eagle. We even made a huge pair of glittered wings in Timber Creek colours that we took turns using for our music video.

We mostly worked with the senior students who were some of the most caring and conscientious students we have ever worked with. They loved learning, sharing and collaborating!

The top end of the Northern Territory is absolutely blessed with beautiful locations. Even in a little town close to the highway, Timber Creek had hidden waterholes and waterfalls, plus the escarpment views of the river were spectacular!

John and Ash were taken to some beautiful places early in the week for film scouting by the wonderful school staff. A little gem of a spot called Dingo Springs was so hidden in scrub, only locals would know about it. It was a stunning cluster of mini waterfalls that went into a swimming hole that was covered in huge spiders and their webs. It was lots of fun swimming around and under their webs.

The students at Timber Creek were so keen to show us many more places, but because of the flooding, many of the roads to get there were closed. However, We did get to dance on the bridge, at policeman’s point and on top of the escarpment.

Most afternoons it would rain but that didn’t stop Ash and John from getting some incredible time-lapse and slo-mo footage. The clouds were so fascinating! But also, Timber Creek had some of the most spectacular lightening storms we’ve ever seen! Check out the clip to the very end to see some of those shots!