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Last week the MusoMagic team hit the road again, this time to visit Western College’s Alesco school in Dubbo. Alesco schools provide a unique experience for students to complete their schooling in a more personal, relaxed, and less institutional environment. No bells, no uniforms, and a variety of activities to prepare young people for their adult life. Although traditional education models can be challenging for a lot of the students here, the MusoMagic workshop proved to be an engaging and exciting opportunity for those who got involved.

Throughout the week, Ashlee, Sam and Chris worked closely with the staff and students to compose a song that encapsulates the Alesco model – “The Circle Of Respect”. The song, and ensuing music video speaks of the Alesco values – Acceptance, Learning, Empathy, Safety, Commitment, and Opportunity.

As well as working at the school, we had the opportunity to explore the charming town of Dubbo, including the world-famous Zoo, some beautiful indigenous murals under the town bridge, the river which snakes right around the town, and the central shopping zone. All of these locations can be seen in the video clip which you can check out below.

Presenting The Alesco Mob with their latest hit – “The Circle Of Respect”.