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Chorus Creation Information

Important information to help MusoMagic's creative team compose a chorus and track for your upcoming MusoMagic workshop.
  • Please indicate the start date of the workshop so we know we're on the same page!
  • What theme / issue / health message would you like to explore? Past examples have been: bullying, dental hygiene, taking care of one another, school anthem, washing hands, eating healthy, etc. THE MORE SPECIFIC INFORMATION YOU CAN GIVE US THE BETTER!
  • Does your school or community have an existing mottos or mantras you'd like us to work in? Example: "The 4 Rs: Respect, Resilience, Responsibility and Racoons"
  • What styles or genres of music do your students or participants generally listen to? Are there any popular songs or artists that we could look into in terms of production?
  • Any local landmarks, dreamtime animals, mascots, histories, local legends we could work into the song or video?