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Workshop Facilitator


The workshop facilitator is the main source of energy, and the first point of call for participants, staff, mentors and helpers. As well as facilitating the program, you must see yourself as the front-man(/woman) of the show. You must provide a positive, encouraging can-do energy at all times, and encourage participants to step outside of themselves.

You will liaise with the main contacts prior to the workshop, and ensure all parties are properly briefed. This often involves meeting with our young mentors prior to the workshop to ensure they have the same positive attitude, and to remind them of the goals of the exercise.

In the lead up to the workshop, you will assist in the setup and check of all equipment, and prepare the room with activity stations prior to the participants arrival. You may have some helpers in mentors, staff and others, so you will be expected to display clear leadership and communication skills.

Throughout the duration of the workshop, you will facilitate the MusoMagic program as specified, and complete the exercise to MusoMagic’s standards. You will be responsible for ensuring all facets of the program (audio, video, production, etc) are completed, and appropriate communication between team members is achieved. You will assist other team members to achieve their goals throughout the program.

As many other MusoMagic programs occur over multiple days, you will also be responsible for the general day-to-day logistics of your team, ensuring everyone is where they’re needed, when they’re needed, and with all the right equipment.


Facilitators are expected to have a strong background in songwriting, lyric writing, singing, performance, and public speaking. You must have an ability to communicate clearly, and be able to work with large groups (sometimes 200+). You must have excellent time management skills, and have some experience managing a small team.

Members of the MusoMagic team must behave as role models whenever you are representing the company. It is highly favoured that you be healthy, fit, energetic, active, and make positive.


The facilitator is the main point of contact with the client for the duration of the workshop / program. Regular communication and reporting with the appropriate persons throughout the program is expected.

The other contractors within the team (video tech, audio tech, producer, dance instructor, etc) will work somewhat autonomously, but as facilitator you are responsible for the cohesion of the team, and the overall product delivered. You must communicate regularly with the team, and delegate tasks as necessary.

Throughout the program, clear communication with MusoMagic management as expected. Over multi-day programs, a daily check in is recommended to ensure MusoMagic standards are upheld.



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