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Video Tech


The Video Tech works to support the role of the facilitator, and must support their energy and enthusiasm at all times. In addition to your video-specific responsibilities, you must lead by example at all times, and encourage courageous, creative behaviours. You must provide a positive, encouraging can-do energy at all times, and encourage participants to step outside of themselves.

The Video Tech is solely responsible for the filming, editing and production of the program’s music video creation.

You will liaise with the facilitator prior to the workshop, and ensure all required equipment has been supplied by the client and/or MusoMagic (projector, screens, monitors, etc). You will ensure any equipment you are supplying (laptop, camera, lenses etc) is in good working order, and necessary technical preparations have been made before the program commences.

You will assist the facilitator in ensuring the workshop / program equipment is set up and ready to go prior to participants’ arrival, and packed up neatly and safely prior to departure. You will report any damage, wear-and-tear, or missing items to the facilitator as necessary.

Throughout the duration of the workshop, you will complete the MusoMagic program as specified, and complete the music video to MusoMagic’s standards. You will be responsible for all video-related aspects of the program, as well as anything else the facilitator requires. Appropriate communication between team members is essential. You will assist other team members to achieve their goals throughout the program whenever possible.

As many other MusoMagic programs occur over multiple days, you will report to the facilitator regarding day-to-day logistics.


Video Techs are expected to have experience in video editing and production, and be comfortable dealing with a diverse range of projection or monitoring equipment (often very old and decrepit – creativity is needed!). The role leans towards people with some vocal and movement skills, and people with a keen eye for simple choreography. You must have an ability to communicate clearly, think laterally, and provide energy and enthusiasm while filming. You must have your own functional laptop (MacBook Pro preferred), with video editing software (Final Cut X or Premiere preferred), and safe, reliable storage. MusoMagic has some simple camera equipment, but ideally you will have some of your own equipment too (tripod, monopod, extra camera(s), lens(es), GoPro, LED light panels, etc).

Members of the MusoMagic team must behave as role models whenever you are representing the company. It is highly favoured that you be healthy, fit, energetic, active, and make positive.


The Video Tech reports directly to the program Facilitator. For many workshop programs, you will need to communicate regularly and clearly with MusoMagic management via email and phone to transfer video files.

You must communicate regularly and clearly with the other members of the team, and delegate or accept tasks as necessary. It is a team project, and the ability to assist with other roles and be flexible is expected at all times.



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