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MusoMagic is committed to high standards of ethical behaviour, and always look to set an impeccable example in the communities, schools and corporate groups we engage. These clients and communities place their trust in MusoMagic’s staff and contractors, and we must make sure our behaviour reflects the company’s standards at all times.

MusoMagic employees and contractors alike will act as role models whenever representing the company, and provide:

  • healthy, peaceful, social behaviour.
  • tolerant, inclusive, open-minded perspectives.
  • positive and encouraging energy.


When acting on behalf of MusoMagic in person, on paper, or any other electronic exchange in your capacity as a provider of goods and/or services, you must conduct your business within the guidelines set out in MusoMagic’s Code of Conduct. This document outlines those expectations, and how they may affect you as an employee or contractor to the business.

Breaches of the Code on your behalf could jeopardise your future working relationship with MusoMagic.


It is important that the communities and clients we engage have confidence that any information acquired by MusoMagic is used only for MusoMagic purposes. If you obtain any confidential, commercial or personal information from MusoMagic during the course of your engagement with MusoMagic, you must:

  • protect the confidential, commercial or personal information
  • only access it when needed for your work for MusoMagic
  • not use the confidential, commercial or personal information for any non-official purpose outside of MusoMagic work
  • only release the confidential, commercial or personal information when you have the authority to do so
  • only use confidential, commercial, or personal information for the purpose it is intended to be used.


MusoMagic staff and contractors must never demand or request any gift or benefit for themselves or anyone else in connection with MusoMagic work. Do not offer clients or community leaders any type of gift or benefit in relation to MusoMagic work.


MusoMagic equipment, facilities, property and other resources are to be used:

  • ethically, effectively, efficiently and carefully
  • in connection with your work for MusoMagic
  • with no usage for private purposes and only in accordance with the details stated in MusoMagic’s Code of Conduct.

You may only use MusoMagic resources and equipment in accordance with specific conditions of a Contractor Agreement with MusoMagic.


When representing MusoMagic, you must act dutifully, ethically and positively – as a community role model. Specifically, you must avoid any behaviours that:

  • contravene any local, state or national laws
  • are inappropriate to the group or community you are working with
  • could reasonably cause others to feel ostracised, discriminated against, disadvantaged, or unfairly treated
  • actively discourage the creativity of participants or other contractors
  • intimidate, harass, or abuse participants, staff or contractors

You must act lawfully, honestly and exercise a reasonable degree of care and diligence in carrying out your functions, and treat others with respect at all times.


MusoMagic Staff and Contractors are expected to display healthy, positive behavioural choices at all times when representing the company to clients and communities. Staff and contractors will actively discourage the consumption of:

  • unhealthy food or beverages where healthier options are available
  • illegal drugs
  • cigarettes, vaporizers and e-cigarettes
  • alcohol of any kind (particularly in community)

Staff and contractors are expected to contact MusoMagic should they be unsure of the appropriateness of any behaviours, and err on the side of caution. Some situations may occur where responsible consumption of alcohol is acceptable. Use your best discretion, and ask if you are in any doubt.


It is important that staff do not engage in outside employment or business that could raise a conflict of interest with their MusoMagic duties. Before engaging in outside work that may conflict, or be seen to conflict with their MusoMagic duties, staff and contractors must advise the General Manager.

MusoMagic is not affiliated with any particular religion, philosophy, or organisation, and as such, contractors must avoid the promotion of any such doctrine whilst representing the company.