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LESSON 12: Twelve Second Stories

Using the storyboards created in Lesson 3 (or new ones created for this exercise), we will look at creating very short, silent videos with iPads. Each panel of the story must be three seconds or less, and we’ll film them with a tablet camera (one between two students, or one between four – resources pending). The students will then learn to edit the short silent films, then watch and discuss each one as a group.


0:00 – 0:15: Watch video and explain activity.
0:15 – 0:30: Storyboard story in groups.
0:30 – 0:45: Film four scenes.
0:45 – 1:00: Edit, output and present. Discuss.


Storyboards (print one A3/A4 per group)
Storyboard Sentences (print one A4 and cut)
Editing for iMovie (online guide)