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Dance / Movement #2: Further Exploration

Students will explore dance and movement, and create a routine to suit a storyline. In small groups of around 4, students will create a narrative in 8 “actions” using a storyboard. They will then create a visual representation of each “action”, and a corresponding movement that they will use as part of their dance routine. Each group will present their routine to the class for discussion – the audience can try and guess what the story was from the movements to witness.


0:00 – 0:15: Watch video and explain activity.
0:15 – 0:30: Split into small groups to storyboard actions and movements.
0:30 – 0:40: Rehearse actions and movements.
0:40 – 1:00: Present ideas to class – try and guess the story from the movements. Discuss.
Extension: Repeat the activity using one story per student. Perform and discuss.
Extension: Repeat the activity using a well-known story, song or nursery rhyme. Perform and discuss.

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