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LESSON 8: Freeze Frames

Students will explore the physical side of storyboarding – creating physical freeze frames to depict a given story or scenario. After some introductory games, groups of students will split a story into four moments, and use frozen tableaus to represent the story. The teams will present to the group, and the other students must guess what the story or sentence is based on the four tableaus.


0:00 – 0:15: Watch video and explain activity.
0:15 Р0:30: Physical warmup games.
0:30 – 0:45: Get into groups to devise freeze frames for short stories.
0:45 – 1:00: Present ideas to class – guess what the story is from the freeze frames.
Extension: Second sentence – smaller groups. Repeat as above.


Example sentences (Print A4 and cut Рone per group)