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LESSON 3: Storyboarding

Students will learn how to break a short sentence into visual ‘moments’ through storyboarding. Firstly, they will take a short sentence, and split it into four simple pictures and present their work. We will then discuss how each way can change the emphasis or interpretation of the sentence. Next, students will be given a random sentence which they must illustrate into four panels. The class will try and guess what sentence the panels are describing.


0:00 – 0:15: Watch video and explain activity.
0:15 – 0:30: All students to storyboard a sentence.
0:30 – 0:45: Discuss different ways they have chosen to present the sentence.
0:45 – 1:00: Each student to do their own sentence storyboard. Present and discuss.
Extension: Present a second (or third) sentence. See if the class can guess the sentence from the storyboard.


Sentences (Print one A3 and chop into sentences)
Storyboards (Print 2-3 A3 copies for each student)